YOURS IN ARMS  in-progress

looks at the trials and tribulations within the life of student-cadets who are committed to conserving the history of a Civilian run infantry in Nigeria. The establishment of para-military organisation in institutions began in 1976 under the reign of General Obasanjo as Military Head Of State. As a prospect encouraging more educated personnel to join the army, soldiers would regularly come to inculcate military training in drills and parades, self-defence, physical fitness, first aid, citizenship and leadership. 

Furthermore, this project examines the diverse realities of life as a student-cadet in Nigeria. I was inspired to do this story because I was once a member of this organisation. After finishing my service, It became clear how much I’ve been disconnected with their conventions over the years, rather embrace it. Mostly because I found it extremely hard to bear this militia journey, while managing other drastic social changes in my personal life. By reconnecting with this cadets and photographing their realities both vigor and vulnerable phases, I am exploring the truth and fiction of military personnels all over the world.

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