Fawaz Oyedeji (b. 1997) is a documentary photographer and historian based in Lagos, Nigeria.

He studied Mass Communication at Yaba College of Technology [Nigeria] and is currently pursuing a B.A.E in History Education at University Of Lagos [Nigeria].

His passion is to use photographs as a means for examining important social and historic issues, particularly those related to local communities in Africa.

Fawaz is a recipient of the 2019 Eugene Smith Student Grant and member of African Photojournalism Database (APJD) a joint project by World Press Photo Foundation and Everyday Africa.

Most of the work included on this website is from my Personal assignments. This site is a virtual portfolio. There are many more images from these stories and other stories I have not posted here and much of it is available as stock. Fine art prints of the images on this site are also available. Please check the contact page for more information. 

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