I'm a documentary photographer & historian from Oyo, Nigeria, based out of Lagos State.

My body of works is largely fixated on examining political consciousness within social groups in Africa.

As a cultural practitioner, I am very motivated to keep records. I believe it’s of importance to record daily life and even now and then, the seemingly mundane, not simply for higher awareness and understanding of our times, but for individuals in the future to be able to reflect on who they are and how they got there.

I'm a recipient of the 2019 Eugene Smith Student Grant & I serve as a member of Diversify Photo. I studied Mass Communication at Yaba College of Technology [Nigeria] & am currently pursuing a B.A.E in History Education at the University Of Lagos [Nigeria]. A mentee of the VII Academy Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Kigali, & Canon Storytelling Workshop in Lagos. I was shortlisted in 2019 & 2020 for the prestigious Alexia Foundation Student Grant.

I'm currently available for both regional and international assignments. Click here for my full CV.

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